Saturday, August 17, 2013

pattern review friday - oliver & s mittens

Mae's 2nd birthday is coming up at the end of next month (I can't believe she's almost two!) and we are getting her some new kitchen stuff to go with our play kitchen.  I already got rid of some of the old stuff since the paint was peeling off most of the wood items and the rest of of it was just looking a little rough and well played with.  I can't imagine why ... it's not like we have a lot of kids or anything :)

I did buy a few things, like play food and pots & pans, but I wanted to make a few as well.  And since I was looking for a quick project for Pattern Review Friday (yes ... I do realize it's Saturday), I decided to get started on Mae's present.  I wasn't sure where I wanted to start, but once I saw the adorable mitten pattern in this Oliver & S book (one of my favorites for quick useful projects), I knew exactly what her kitchen needed ... oven mitts!

I started by quilting some of the fabric I wanted to use for the outside of the mitts.  This was pretty simple.  I just drew a grid pattern (the lines are 1 1/2" apart) on the fabric:

Then I added a layer of flannel to the bottom and sewed along the lines I drew.  I didn't use batting since I planned to line the mitts as well, and that would have made them way too thick and bulky for a 2 year old.

Then I used the pattern provided in the book to cut out my pieces.  I chose the size medium since I was adding several layers (which would make them fit smaller) and knew I wanted them a little big like an oven mitt anyway.  I cut the front top piece (as labeled on the pattern) from this gripper fabric normally used for the bottom of kids footed pajamas.  I thought it made the oven mitts look more authentic, not that Mae is actually going to be touching anything hot, but a girl has to look the part while pretend cooking!

I don't have any pictures of the rest of the project (it was late and I just plain wasn't thinking straight!) but it was very simple.  I made a second mitten pattern out of white flannel and tucked it in to the quilted mitten.  Then I used twill tape folded in half to encase the raw edges along the bottom of the mitten.

This pattern was incredibly quick and easy, even with my modifications.  It's listed as a "one scissor" pattern in the book, and it is definitely appropriate for a beginner.  If you are not familiar with Oliver & S patterns, each pattern is rated from one to four scissors, one being beginner up to four which is advanced.  I have loved every pattern by Oliver & S that I have made so far, like this one and this one.  I think I might make the Bento carrier next (shown in this post from the Oliver & S blog) since Mae needs to eat her food in style once she's done cooking :)

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