Friday, August 9, 2013

pattern review friday - heidi & finn slouchy cardigan

Thia week, I tested the new Slouchy Cardigan from Heidi & Finn.  I love this pattern!  And more importantly, Gracie loves it too!  And that's saying a lot because I usually cannot get the girl to try anything on, and then, once she finally does, all she does is complain about the pants being too long/short or the seams being too pokey or the shirt doesn't feel right or it's too twisty (I'm not even sure what that one means) until I promise she doesn't ever have to see it again (let alone wear it) and agree to return everything to the store and/or save all the handmade stuff for Mae.  Wow, that was one long run-on sentence!   Anyway, she did not want to take this cardigan off even though it's 80 outside.  She even tried to convince me that she wouldn't be too hot if she wore it with shorts :)

I made the size 7/8 which fits closer to a size 8, but that's ok since Gracie will be able to wear it for a while.  I love the overall shape of it, but I really wanted to add a little something extra to it.  At first I considered using a contrasting color for the band that goes around the edge of the cardigan and the sleeve bands, but that wasn't exactly the look I wanted.  So instead I added a big heart applique to the back.  This way Gracie can wear the cardigan with lots of tops without it clashing like a contrasting color might have, but it is still more fun than solid grey.

Here's the heart I used just in case anyone wants to use it to make their own applique.  Just click on the picture to view it full size and print it at actual size, with no scaling.  If that doesn't work, please leave a comment to let me know and I will create a pdf :) The pdf is now available HERE.

I see myself making a few more of these cardigans for this fall/winter.  I may have to buy the pattern in Mae's size so I can make a couple for her too!  After all, a girl can never have too many patterns, right?

Grey knit - lightweight rayon/lycra blend jersey
Red knit - lightweight organic cotton jersey


  1. Great job! I love HF patterns.
    Jacqueline mukweto

  2. I really love your item !!Heart detail is so in fashion, will have to get this pattern for my girl.

  3. adorable!! looking forward to this one!