Friday, August 2, 2013

pattern review friday - craftiness is not optional reversible wrap top

Do you ever feel the need to complete a simple project just to feel like you accomplished something?  That was definitely the kind of week I was having, and I was thrilled when I saw that Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional released a free pattern yesterday (there's a giveaway as well!)  It is adorable, but don't take my word for it ... go see for yourself over at the Birch Fabrics Blog :)

I decided to make the 12-24 months size since Mae is a slightly smaller than average 22 month old.  Apparently, that was my first mistake :)  But since at this point I was blissfully ignorant of any possible error on my part (the pattern is fine btw although it does seem to run a bit on the small side of each size range), I cut my fabrics and proceeded to (very quickly, I might add) sew up this little top for Mae.  Luckily I tried it on Mae at this point, found out it was too small, and was able to adjust the next step to compensate ... I'm guessing it was the toddler belly that was the problem :)

The next mistake I made was not using ties to close the top, but instead adding buttons.  I have no idea why I do this to myself.  The top was perfectly adorable as is, yet for some reason, I chose to change it.  I didn't really think it through until after everything was sewn together either, so I had to add extra buttons to cover the fact that I had to sew the buttons through both layers of the shirt.  I fixed the size issue at this time by scooching (apparently this isn't a real word even though I use it all the time) the buttons away from the side seam by about 1 1/2" which made the belly fit, but then the neckline was way too wide, which I didn't realize until I put it on Mae to take some pictures.

Even with all of my mistakes, the top is adorable.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, but the poor fit and a napless Mae did not make for good pictures!  Overall, the pattern and the directions were both very easy to follow.  I am planning on making another one, just in the 2-3T size this time (maybe even in the same fabrics since I really love them!)  Once I'm finished, I will be sure to add some more pictures to the blog ... hopefully without my dirty garage in the background this time :)

First fabric - pink & orange herringbone print from Joann's
Second Fabric (not shown) - blue polka dots from Joann's


  1. It's still lovely, Teri, and I'm sorry about the fit problems! My girls are on the small size too, so I probably should add a note about that. :)

    1. The fit was not a problem at all. I'm just so used to sizing down for patterns that I didn't even consider making the size she should be growing into :) I had the same problem with the MADE shorts. I automatically sized down for my 7 year old, and it turns out Dana has skinny kids too, so the size 6 was too small which never happens! Once I determine the correct size, the patterns that run small are always my favorite because they fit my skinny kids.