Wednesday, August 7, 2013

my sewing space ... an honest look

I always love seeing other people's sewing spaces.  There are some with great storage, some are so organized I'm sure everything can be found in an instant, and there are others that are so creative they look like they belong in a magazine.  Then I take a look around me and need to remind myself that even though I really do love other people's sewing spaces, I need to love mine for what it is ... i.e. a "before" picture in any self respecting organizational magazine :)  But it works for me.  After all, my whole life is a tribute to the chaos theory, so why should my sewing space be any different!

Just a disclaimer: I did not move a single thing when I took these pictures.  This is pretty much what the room looks like at any given moment.  The only exception is when I know that I am having company over.  Since the room is located right off of the foyer (used to be the dining room) I do pick up when I have guests ... most of the time.  And a little warning, if you choose to drop in unannounced, you may have to avert your eyes to avoid doing permanent damage.  But friends and family are always welcome as long as they accept me and my sewing room for who we are :)

Although I love looking at organized spaces, my creativity seems to blossom a little more within a space that I would describe as organized chaos.  You know, almost organized with a hint of chaos just for fun.  It normally only takes me a couple of tries to find that piece of fabric, trim or doodad thingamabobber that I'm looking for.  As you can see, creativity extends into my vocabulary as well :)

Pretty much all of my work is done at my "dining room" table.  A few years ago, I got rid of the actual dining room table and bought a table from IKEA (which apparently is no longer sold) that functions much better for me.  At some time in the future, I hope to upgrade to a counter height table with some storage under it, but we have such a long to-do list for the rest of the house that this will do for now.

I have my ironing board in this room as well.  I gave up the pretense that I was actually going to iron non-sewing related clothes long ago and moved the ironing board right in :)  Every once in a while, my husband will brave this room and iron one of his shirts, but it's more likely that the wrinkled shirt will just get tossed back into the hamper in the hopes that it emerges from the dryer a little less wrinkled the next time.

Here are my babies :)  My sewing machine is a Husqvarna Viking Fressia 425 and was a Christmas present from my wonderful in-laws about ten years ago.  The Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 936 serger followed a few years later (although I think that one might have been a birthday present!)  Have I ever mentioned how much I love my in-laws?  Just in case my mother ever decides to get a computer and read this - I love you too mom (and dad)!  You are the best parents ever!

I have one more machine that isn't shown in the picture because I haven't had a chance to "play" with it yet.  My Grandma just gave me her (absolutely perfect condition) White Series 77 sewing machine along with all the accessories that she ever owned.  I can't wait to have it serviced and start using it!

This picture shows less than half of my wall of shame storage cabinets.  I love fabric!  What isn't shown in this picture is the row of 14 boxes above these shelves that are full of sewing goodies (and fabric) or the drawers and cabinets below these shelves that are filled with ... you guessed it, more sewing goodies (and fabric)  Have you figured out yet how much I love fabric :)

Just in case anyone thinks this room is used only by me, please make note of the plastic bins with green lids.  Those contain the kids' art and craft supplies.  And they also have pretty free reign with most of my sewing supplies as well.  Lately the girls have been getting in to the various ribbons I have and using them to decorate pretty much everything, which is great because I really need to use up some of my stuff.  I could lie and say that I just want more space, but the truth is I just love fabric (as if you didn't know) and I really can't justify buying any more until I use what I already have. 

This room really is multifunctional for our family.  It seems like there is at least one other family member (sometimes 3 or 4) in the room with me at any given moment.  In additional to being our sewing/craft room, the kids often use the extra computer for homework or playing games.  We also keep our family whiteboard calendar in here which gets decorated each month by one of the girls and contains all the important dates such as National Mustard Day (sorry, you just missed it last Saturday!)

I didn't take a picture of every corner of the room (it's not that big, and it's actually rather hard to get pictures of some of it,) but I'm sure you get the idea what it looks like.  Although it's not perfect or magazine worthy, it's perfect for me (and my family!) and that's all that counts.  I hope everyone who reads this has a space they are just as happy to call their own :)


  1. Hey, your sewing space is considerably better organized than mine! So that's something, eh? I just posted about mine here - - but anyway, I do some of my best work in a messy environment. (Okay, actually, I do *all* of my work in a messy environment, because there are no other options!)