Tuesday, August 27, 2013

colorblock dress - coloring for big kids :)

Here's my confession for the day: I do not like coloring books ... and I never have :)  Even as a kid I would get bored before I could finish a single picture.  And I would always, without fail, color outside the lines.  Not on purpose, but just because I'm apparently no good at coloring in the lines.  And then I would want to quit because in my mind the pictured was ruined anyway so why bother to finish.  I was truly my harshest critic, and I still am today.  With that attitude, it's a miracle I ever finish anything :)

So, I'm sure you're asking, what does that little mini rant have to do with sewing?  I rediscoved my dislike for coloring in the lines recently (though for different reasons than when I was a kid!) while designing the Colorblock Dress.

This dress is the first (of many hopefully!) of the tutorials I promised based on the free basic bodice pattern found here.  I started by creating a coloring page so I could fill in my color choices and then built a tutorial based on my drawing.  This is when I discovered I still don't like coloring :)  I colored the front first and could barely make it through the back.  Seriously, that's like five minutes of coloring, and I could barely keep at it long enough to finish!  But, for some reason beyond my understanding, I can sit at a sewing machine for hours on end, making mistake after mistake, determined to finish whatever I am working on, and I never get bored.  I guess I like sewing a bit more than coloring :)

Click on the blank Colorblock Dress coloring page below to print your own.  Or, give it to your kids and see if they have the patience to color the whole thing :)  And then come back tomorrow for the tutorial on how to alter the Basic Bodice to create your own dress.

Just for fun, here's a little peek of my finished dress :)

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  1. This is so fun, Teri. I'm going to have to follow you to keep up with all your cool ideas:)