Friday, July 19, 2013

pattern review friday - MADE shorts

I have skinny kids, and sometimes I get tired of modifying pants and shorts patterns to fit their skinny little butts :)  So I have been waiting (for a few years) for a basic shorts pattern with a few options that would require no editing.  And I finally found it!  Go here to get you own Kid Shorts pattern by Dana over at Made (a great blog if you've never been there!)

Normally with shorts patterns, I make the size that Mae currently is (18-24 months) even though she wears cloth diapers.  I did need to size up to a 2Y in this pattern (to accommodate the fluffy butt that comes along with cloth diapers) since it skips from 18m straight to 2Y.  I also had to cut the elastic to 17" since she has a really skinny waist.  Seriously, the pattern calls for 18" elastic in the 12 months size, and Mae's almost two!

I chose to make the basic elastic waist shorts because I like easy on/off clothes when it comes to babies.  I also have this insane hope that maybe Mae will potty train before the age of three like all her siblings, and then she will be able to pull these up and down on her own.  Don't worry, I'm not holding my breath that it will happen any time soon :)

The pattern went together very easily.  I didn't follow the tutorials on the Made blog exactly since I have a certain order that I like to sew shorts, but I read them and they are well written and easy to understand.  I added cuffs to the shorts just to make them a little less basic.  Even simple shorts need a little something :)  I might do a tutorial some time since it is a really easy addition.

I'm going to stick a lawn mower in front of Mae next time we're out in the yard.  She just bulldozed her way right through the long grass with her little push cart!  If she got stuck, she just picked the cart right up, lifted it over the offending (stick, grass, hose, you name it, it's in our yard) object and kept on going.  And, even better, the shorts did not impede her in any way.  They are Mae tested and Mama approved :)  I could see myself making several more pairs (in sizes for the other kids as well) in the next couple of weeks.

Shorts - lightweight denim from Joann's
Shirt - Mini Boden


  1. Really Cute Teri! I'll check out the MADE blog too.

    1. You really should! I love Dana's blog!