Friday, July 26, 2013

pattern review friday - japanese pattern book

I recently came across the list of the Pantone 2013 Fall Colors. Although a couple of the colors aren't exactly favorites of mine (I don't like purple in any shade), I love the look of the collection as a whole. I decided it would be fun to make a fall wardrobe for Mae heavily influenced by these colors. Now, don't get me wrong, she will have other colors too since I like lighter neutrals and a few pastels, but most outfits should at least contain one of the colors. Here's the colors for anyone who hasn't seen them yet.

Today's pattern is from this Japanese sewing book.  I love the patterns in this book.  It's fun to have basic patterns with variations for seasons, because we certainly have seasons here in Michigan. To be honest, I'm not sure what season it's supposed to be today.  The calendar says summer, but the temperatures are screaming fall (my favorite season!)

The other day, I said that Mae already has plenty of summer clothes.  That may have been the Biggest. Understatement. Ever.  I could probably not do laundry again until October and still have clean clothes for her.  I don't think I've ever sewn this much in my life!  So, to start off the fall wardrobe, I decided to sew a jacket.  I started with pattern F from the book and adapted it to be fully lined.  After all, an unlined jacket would only be useful until about the end of September, if that.  Lining it should at least make it wearable for a few extra weeks :)

I started with a corduroy that is pretty close to the Pantone color called Turbulence.  I interpret it as a stormy blue/grey tone, and in the right light, this corduroy is exactly that color.  Then I added a colorful floral print lining (more about that below) and snaps to match.  I chose snaps because I didn't have any buttons that matched I wanted Mae to be able to take the coat off more easily.  I have no idea why I want that other than I don't like reattaching buttons when they get ripped off by a over enthusiastic toddler :)  I chose the snap colors from the Pantone colors as well.  I think they are really close to Emerald, Vivacious, Linden Green and Koi.  I know the colors aren't exact, but they are close enough for me!

I made a size 90 which fits Mae beautifully, even with the added lining.  I don't need to roll up the sleeves since the length is fine unrolled, but I like how they look this way :)  Even with the lining, this was an easy jacket to sew.  And I imagine without the lining, this could be whipped up in no time at all.  As with all Japanese patterns, it took me longer to trace the pattern and add seam allowances than it did to actually sew the jacket!

This jacket really is a party on the inside!  This is one of my absolute favorite fabric prints of all time.  I originally ordered five yards of it, and it is almost gone :(  I only have just over 1/2 yard left.  I just had to use it for this jacket since it has several of the Pantone fall colors in the print, which happen to be the same colors as the snaps.  I just love happy coincidences :)  Or, perhaps a bit more accurate assessment would be I didn't have any buttons that matched, so snaps it is!

Outer fabric - Corduroy from Joann's
Lining - Summer in the City by Urban Chiks for Moda
Snaps - Kamsnaps

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