Monday, July 1, 2013

lots of swimming, balloon animals and an ER visit ... part one

There seem to be a few different definitions of vacation in the world. definition (the boring definition):
Vacation (noun) - a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel

My definition (the reality):
Vacation (noun) - a time where a mom's usual 24 hour job moves to an alternate location filled with sandy bathing suits (resulting in a sandy car, bathtub and washing machine), buckets (usually many more than needed) of seashells or other miscellaneous paraphernalia, and at least one emergency room visit

My kids definition (the reason I love vacation regardless of definition above): 
Vacation (verb) - swim in the pool, make balloon animals, have fun, play on the go carts, ride the Ferris wheel, have more fun, play mini golf, swim in the ocean, have more fun, play in the arcade, eat lots of good food, have more fun, build sandcastles, go zip lining, and most importantly HAVE MORE FUN!


First Stop: Creation Museum in northern Kentucky

The weekend before we left for vacation we discovered that out church counts a visit to the Creation Museum as a confirmation retreat for all 6-8 grade students.  And since I have two kids that fall in that age range, we decided that we would visit the museum on the way to Myrtle Beach.  We made the decision on Wednesday, booked the hotel and zip line reservations on Thursday, and showed up on Friday.  I don't believe we could have procrastinated any longer than we did.  We truly have it down to an art form :)

The museum itself is very well done and quite elaborate for something of it's kind.  The botanical gardens are beautiful, and I imagine the petting zoo would be a lot of fun on a day slightly cooler that the 90 degree day we were there. I have to admit that it was tough to really take everything in while chasing after Mae, but I did my best :)  The kids seemed to enjoy it too, and I was actually pleasantly surprised by the entire experience.  We are talking about maybe going again with my parents since we purchased an annual pass anyway ... one of the few perks of traveling with a large family is that you can often take advantage of annual passes and group discounts. Who knew?!

Only my oldest two kids weigh enough to go on the zip line.  You have to be 80 lbs, and Thomas, who is 11, only weighs 68.  I'd say he's got a bit of growing to do :) Jacob is nine and weighs the same as Thomas, so they were both begging to go back in a few years! While the big kids (honestly, hubby is the biggest kid of them all) zip lined, the littles (and me!) went and ate some yummy ice cream.  Not the worst consolation prize in the world :)

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from the rest of trip (plus the details from the ER visit), but for now, here's a sneak peek of a tutorial that I will post on Wednesday :)

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