Wednesday, July 10, 2013

let them learn ... a new series

I have a new blog editor!  It's no longer my fault if there are any typos :)  The other day Ruthie started reading my blog and informed me that I had a typo in one of my posts.  I told I would give her a dollar for each mistake she found.  I swear it wasn't even 30 seconds later when, in the exact same post, she found a word missing.  So I agreed to a dollar for that mistake, but from now on only one dollar per post :)  When the next post had an error as well, I realized that there are over 30 posts and did some quick math (tough stuff like 30 x 1), I revised the deal to a maximum of $10 for existing posts, but I agreed to pay one dollar per post in the future.  So far, she's up to $7 :)

As she was reading, she came across this bib tutorial and decided that she wanted to make one for Mae.  Since she has never used a sewing machine, I thought something easier might be a better starting point.  We considered a few things and settled on a pillowcase.  It was supposed to be for Mae, but it seemed to grow legs (clever pillowcase) and walk itself into Ruthie's room last night :)  As soon as she was done with the pillowcase, she was already thinking about what to sew next!  Today, after considering a few projects in the Oliver & S Little Things to Sew book, I suggested she try a skirt.  This time, Gracie was the lucky recipient :)

I really enjoy teaching Ruthie how to sew, although I have to learn to let her do more of it by herself.  I keep jumping in to help when I know I should just let her be.  I'm sure most moms know how this feels :)  Sometimes it's just easier and faster if we do it ourselves, and nobody likes to see their child fail.  However, if they don't fail, how do they learn?  So, in this spirit, I decided to start a new series called Let Them Learn.  For now, it will be sewing based and will include some basic tutorials, but it may expand beyond that in the future.  Who knows where it might lead!  Next week, as part of Kids Clothes Week, I will be sharing a basic skirt pattern and a tutorial written (with Ruthie's help) with kids in mind.  I hope some of you out there will be joining us!

edited to add: Ruthie found a typo, and quite joyfully pointed it out to me!  Gotta love 12-year-old girls!

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