Monday, July 22, 2013

kcw roundup

As usual, Kids Clothes Week was a whirlwind of sewing that left destruction in it's wake.  Normally 6+1=7, but in my house 6 kids + 1 distracted mama = 1 house desperately in need of cleaning :)  Although I'm sure there are probably 7 loads of laundry that need to be done!

Overall, I'm happy with what I accomplished this week: two free patterns (knit shorts and Butterfly jumper) with tutorials, two pairs of shorts and a dress.  And all the pieces, except the navy polka dot shorts which are too small :( will be worn frequently. 

I also helped Ruthie make another skirt, although she really doesn't need much help.  I'm pretty sure she could do it entirely on her own if I could only learn to let her :)  Later this week I will be posting a tutorial for the skirt she made, but for now, here's a sneak peek:

I hope everyone else enjoyed KCW as much as I did.  I will see you all there again in the fall!

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