Monday, July 8, 2013

kcw is coming!

Next Monday is the first ever summer version of Kids Clothes Week.  Click on the picture to go to the new website and sign up!

For anyone not familiar with it, KCW is a full week (Monday - Sunday) where you try to spend at least an hour a day doing something related to sewing kids clothes, from prepping fabric to adding finishing touches.  I find that scheduling my hour, which quite often becomes several hours and late nights in a nice quiet house after the kids go to bed :), and sticking to it can be incredibly therapeutic.  However, the aftermath (i.e. the disaster that I call home) the next Monday is a sight to behold!

I have big plans for the week including two free patterns and tutorials, a flipped pattern as part of the Flip This Pattern series at Francis Suzanne, and a review of the Kid Shorts pattern by Dana at Made.   Hopefully, I'll get some sewing done as well! 

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