Thursday, June 20, 2013

stella romper

I have to start out by saying, I hate rompers!  Maybe it's just the word "romper" but I don't think so :)  Even if you call them playsuits, I still don't like them.   They are a pain when a baby wears diapers, and an even bigger pain when they are potty training.  However, I LOVE how they look!

As I was wasting time catching up on Facebook the other day, I discovered that RaeAnna from Sewing Mama RaeAnna is hosting a series called romper week.

Romper Week

And I thought (not sure any thinking was actually involved), my loathing of rompers, combined with my kids all crawling over me since summer break started and my absolute need to finalize vacation plans this week made the perfect coalescence (sorry, couldn't think of a better word) of events to draft my own pattern.  Although everything I just wrote is in English, I'm sure none of it made sense to a sane, rational person :)  Luckily I am neither sane nor rational, so let the fun begin!

Just a note about the name of the romper - by the time I finished making it, I just wanted to stand outside and yell Stella at the top of my lungs.  Don't ask, it just felt appropriate at the time!  The truth is, a friend just had a baby boy and one of her daughters is named Stella, so I happened to be thinking about her when I wrote this :)

Taking pictures with Mae is getting more fun by the minute. She walks to "her spot" on the sidewalk and stands there until I take the picture.  Then she turns around so I can take a picture of the back.  Then she's done!  If I don't get a good picture in the 30 seconds allotted to me, I spend the rest of the time chasing her around the yard until she decided to stand still for just a second.  This was the first picture today.  As you can guess, I then spent some time chasing her :)

This pattern was entirely self drafted, which in hindsight, was not very smart considering I have never sewn a romper, let alone designed one.  I had a couple of hiccups along the way, but none of them are visible in the finished product, so it's all good.  And I was smart enough to make notes on the pattern so I don't make the same mistakes next time, as if there will actually be a next time!  The short portion is a basic bubble short with a flat front waist band and large (maybe a tad bit too big) side pockets which I drafted several months ago to mimic these capris from Elegance and Elephants.  Heidi has released her Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern since then which would most likely work well for the bottom half of the romper.  The blouse portion was inspired by this dress from Shwin & Shwin.   I wanted the overall appearance of a shirt tucked into shorts without the hassle of having to re-tuck every two minutes :) Ever since I saw this dress by Shabby Apple, I knew I wanted to make something with that color palette, so I dug around until I found this white polka dot material left over from a project completed several years ago.  I didn't have very much left, so that also helped determine the design of the romper.  The green is a linen blend I've also had for several years.

The fit was actually pretty good with a disposable diaper.  The cloth diapers present a bit of a challenge, but that has been my experience with just about every one-piece outfit I've owned since Mae was born.  That is actually the main reason I choose not to put her in rompers.  However, since we are going on vacation soon, and will have to use disposables (hot weather + dirty diapers + no laundry facilities = yuck!), Mae will have an opportunity to wear this :)

This is one of Mae's favorite things to do now.  She grabs a leaf, flower or branch and oohs, over and over again.  And then she moves on to the next leaf, flower or branch.  Rinse and repeat :)

Top fabric - white linen blend with black dots from Joann's
Shorts fabric - kelly green linen blend
Buttons - purchased at Joann's last year 

You get one extra picture of Mae today because I love it.  After all, who needs a better reason than that!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! So adorable and your commentary is hilarious!!! I felt bad though - I didn't know people that loathe rompers existed! haha!!! I'm super impressed with your self drafting skills and your daughter is the cutest thing!!!! I hope you have a lot of fun on your vacation!!! Thank you so much for linking up!!!

    1. Thanks for all the nice comments, and I don't think I'm the norm when it comes to rompers! Most people seem to love them :)