Saturday, June 1, 2013

pattern review friday: japanese pattern book

I always like to take a picture of dresses and stuff hanging up or laying down (just not being worn), but that did absolutely no justice to this dress a.k.a. blue sack on a hanger :)

I don't know if it's just the fabric I used, but this dress definitely needs a body to fill it out.  See how much cuter it looks with a little Mae inside it:

I am determined to make every pattern in each of the three Japaneses pattern books I own.  That way I can justify buying more books :)  The pattern for this dress can be found in the book, A sunny spot:

This dress was very easy to sew.  Really, the only challenge was not related to the pattern at all, but instead to the fabric I chose.  It is a silky print from Joann's, and that stuff is just a bear to sew with.  It slides all over the place, stretches as you sew, and then to top it off, it wrinkles like crazy in the dryer.  However, it irons like a dream, so I suppose there is an up side :)  I do plan to use this type of fabric again (after all, I bought two more prints this week!), but I think I will take a little more care when choosing a pattern.

We've been taking so many pictures lately that whenever I have the camera, Mae automatically turns around so I can get a picture of the back of her outfit! So here it is, in all it's glory, looking exactly like the front of the dress.  It figures that the one time I get a good picture of the back, I really don't need it :)

This dress is really cute with it's pockets on the sides.  Without them, it would have been very basic and perhaps a bit boring.  I really enjoy the extra details like this that are found in many of the Japanese pattern books.  The book also contains a wall/winter version of this dress that I will probably make for Mae later this year.  This is the size 90, which is the smallest size in the book, and it is still a little big, so I'm hoping it will fit better after she turns two.

I was having so much fun taking pictures of Mae today and might have gone overboard, but since I already took them, I might as well post them too ...

Since Mae doesn't talk yet, I have taken to narrating imaginary conversation in my head.  Pathetic, I know, but what's a mom to do :)

After that nasty battle with a stick (where Mae triumphed of course!) she retired to the garage for less active pursuits :)  I say less active because she doesn't actually ride the scooter.  She stands on it and makes one of us push her around.  I have no idea how a girl who doesn't talk one bit manages to rule the house ... and garage ... and yard ... and ... and ... you get the idea!

Fabric - Silky Print from Joann's
Tank top - Old Navy

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