Tuesday, June 18, 2013

pajama leggings ... for a boy

Today's post is really more of a drive by post gearing up for Thursday and next week!  My 11-year-old son made a sewing request (really more like a "mom, since you don't do anything all day, could you just whip these up for me").  He never makes requests like the girls, so I did my best to give him what he wanted.  Here's his request: really soft (knit, which I almost never work with), skinny, knee length pajamas bottoms.  Like these from Gymboree, but shorter (we actually do own a pair of these):

At this point, all I could think was that my son wants to wear leggings to bed.  Why not just go to the store and buy some leggings.  They come in black and he would never know the difference :)  But, being the mom I am, I made it difficult on myself and decided to make them ... from a self drafted pattern.  I have no idea what I was drinking that day (probably cranberry juice although I have no idea why that would generate that kind of crazy), but I was already knee deep so I decided to trudge on.

After a few hours, a nap for Mae, and some chocolate for me, I finished the first pair, which fit Gracie (who's 7) really well.  Thomas is small for his age and pretty skinny, but not that skinny, so on to attempt #2.  These fit great, Thomas loved them, so I made another pair.  If we're being honest here, I have to admit that I am really lazy when it comes to hemming knits, and I will only use existing hems.  Since I didn't have any more shirts handy, I packed the girls up, and off we went to Salvation Army.  Seems pretty extreme for avoiding having to sew a hem, but it works for me :)

By the way, it's the next day now in the story.  Contrary to what Thomas believes, I really do have things to do other than sew him pajama pants.  So, I start sewing again and finish a few more pairs ... one for Thomas (Goofy, which he refuses to wear), one for Gracie (the first pair fit so nice I had to make another one), and a pants length version for Mae.  Just so you know, an ugly shirt turns into ugly pants.  I always see these adorable creations from other bloggers with a hideous before and an absolutely gorgeous after.  That was not my experience in any way ... but more on that on Thursday.

At the end of this story, I have two pairs of shorts for Thomas that he will actually wear.  I included the Goofy pair into the picture because I think they are cute :) Once again, for honesty's sake, the trip to Salvation Army was totally useless.  If you notice, Thomas had exactly the same number of shorts he will wear both before and after that trip.  Oh well, you live and learn ... or, more often for me, you live ... and live again ... and again ...learning sometimes comes slowly for me :)

Next week, I will share the free pattern, plus some easy modification to make it fit several sizes.  The free pattern is now available HERE.

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