Friday, May 24, 2013

pattern review friday: oliver & s doll carrier

The kids are home from school today for the holiday weekend, and we are having an 11th birthday party on Sunday for Thomas.  So, to avoid going insane, today's project had to be quick and simple :)  I remembered this post from Jess at CINO and knew exactly what I wanted to make!

Just before Mae turned one, she discovered the wonderful world of baby dolls.  She wasn't quite walking yet, and carrying around her sister's Bitty Baby proved to be a bit difficult, so we took a trip to Target to find her the perfect size doll.  We picked this one since it was light weight and just the right size (and price!) Now, at 20 months, Mae just adores carrying around her baby (who really needs a name because I call Mae "baby doll" all the time and it gets kind of confusing!)  I thought maybe she would enjoy having a carrier so she would still have her hands free to do other things, like eat a giant carrot, although that wasn't exactly what I was thinking when I picked this project :) In the end, it didn't matter if baby is in a carrier or not, because Mae still holds her.  I don't think she fully trusts the carrier yet not to drop her baby!

The pattern for the carrier can be found in this book:

Leisl at Oliver & S creates easy-to-follow patterns that are great for all sewing levels.  This pattern was quite simple and only took an evening to sew, which included the time needed to trace the pattern and re-thread my machine after having a certain one-year-old climb all over me and rip the spool of thread right out of it :)  I used snaps to make the carrier adjustable so it will work for many years to come.  Just to be sure, I had my 7-year-old Gracie try it on, and it fit her too.  Although I have absolutely no proof since she wasn't about to let me take a picture of her wearing a doll carrier because she's too old for that :(  I want to know what happened to my little girl when I wasn't looking!


Main fabric - Riley Blake
Polka Dot - Michael Miller Dumb Dot in Candy
Snaps - Plastic snaps from
Buttons - Joann's


  1. I have been trying to find this book in Australia as I would like to make one for my granddaughter but so far no good.This is such a sweet little carrier.

    1. Good luck finding the book! I wish I could help :) Maybe you could contact a few Australian bloggers to see if they know of a good source.