Friday, May 3, 2013

pattern review friday: japanese pattern book

It's time for another pattern review!


I selected another pattern from this book:


This time I chose to make pattern r with the sleeves from pattern h in a size 90.  In the book, the shirt is made from a lightweight knit, but I chose to repurpose an old American Girl sweatshirt (free advertising anyone?) that belonged to my oldest daughter.  The heavyweight knit made the shirt fit a bit smaller than I would have liked, so I think I would size up to the size 100 next time around :)  I kind of forgot to take a before picture, so this is as good as it gets:


I used the existing hem band and sleeve cuffs for the new shirt which eliminated a ton of the work involved with making this shirt.  I copied the pattern pieces, cut everything out and sewed the entire shirt in about an hour.  The shoulder/neck closes with metallic silver colored plastic snaps.  There was no way I was going to be able to make button holes through that many layers of heavy fabric!  But I ended up really liking the look of the snaps because the shirt is quite casual looking anyway.  In the book, the neck is slouchy and buttoned all the way up, but I'm afraid Mae wouldn't be too comfortable if I did that to her, so she wears it folded over which is just as cute.


I really love this pattern and plan on making another version out of a lighter weight fabric.  Maybe I'll make the dress version shown in the book the next time.

Photo shoots have become "interesting" lately.  Mae doesn't want to leave baby anywhere, so she tends to get in a lot of pictures :)


And somebody sure does need a haircut!

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