Monday, May 13, 2013

pattern review friday: heidi & finn sweet wrap reversible dress

Pattern review Friday + one sick baby + one sick mama + one broken internet connection = pattern review Monday :)  Today's pattern is the Sweet Wrap Reversible Dress from Heidi & Finn.  Go here to see all the adorable patterns available for sale on Etsy or here for a look at the Heidi & Finn blog.  This pattern is sold as a dress, but in the smaller sizes this would be a great wrap shirt for a baby boy as well.


I purchased the pdf pattern about two years ago but hadn't had a chance to try it yet, so keep in mind that there may have been revisions since then.  I printed only the pages of the pattern that I needed to make a size 2T.  I have printed many pdf patterns, and I honestly didn't like the way this one fit together. First, there isn't a test square to be sure that the pattern printed the correct size.  And second, the top of the sleeve is a totally different width than the bottom of the sleeve.  Just an fyi, I cut the pattern using the width of the top portion of the sleeve which sewed up beautifully.


This little quirk was odd too.  I've never had a pdf pattern that had a gap in the middle of the pattern, but it worked ok anyway :)


I made a few minor changes to the pattern.  I chose to shorten the pattern to make a top instead of a dress which just entailed cutting the pattern a little shorter.  I also didn't want a reversible top, so I was able to simplify the sewing a bit by finishing the inside seams with my serger.  I closed the inside part of the wrap with a snap and the outside portion with four buttons.  I also shortened the sleeves slightly and added cuffs.  None of the changes modified the shape of the pattern which is very well designed.  It is slightly big, but Mae doesn't quite wear a size 2T yet, so I expected that :)


I added a notch to the sleeve cuff for a little bit of interest.  I think I may have been making too many Geranium dresses lately :)


I planned to line the buttons up with the side seam, but Mae's "little" toddler belly needed some extra room, so I angled the buttons away from the seam slightly.  I think this ended up being really cute so I'm glad she has a bit of a belly :)


Overall, I really like the Heidi & Finn Sweet Wrap Reversible Dress pattern.  It is well designed and quite easy to sew.  The directions are well written and very easy to follow.  I would recommend this pattern to any level of sewer, from beginner to advanced :)

Outer fabric - grey chambray from Joann's
Lining - red micro stripe from who knows where from who knows when :)
Snaps - red plastic snaps from Joann's

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  1. What a very nice and honest review, I enjoyed reading this a lot. I have the wrap top and I can't recall if I had issues with taping it together, but it sure is adorable. I love the fabrics you chose and adore the buttons instead of a tie!
    Makes me consider making one again. Happy sewing!