Wednesday, May 29, 2013

happy 11th birthday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful long Memorial Day weekend.  At our house, we celebrated an 11th birthday :)  Our family came over ... we grilled some great food ... and we celebrated this guy:


Thomas is officially 11 today, but not until 7:28 PM.  He won't let me forget that his birthday isn't "officially" until tonight :)  I think he just wants the day to last until 7:28 PM tomorrow.  After all, who doesn't want an extra day to celebrate!

I think I may have trained Mae a little too well.  I was busy making a dress for Gracie this weekend from the Audrey pattern (still being tested) designed by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop.  I tried it on Gracie to see how it would fit (great fit!) and as soon as Gracie took it off, Mae walked over to me so she could try it on.  Then she pointed at the camera and made some sound that must mean "get that" (I have no idea if that is true since Mae does not say any actual words yet) and ran over to one of the spots where I often take her picture.  She was so proud of herself, so I had to share the picture!


And a pile of goodies ... hopefully blogged about starting on Thursday!

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