Monday, April 22, 2013

kcw day 1

Kids Clothes Week is here!  

This weekend I tried to get some things ready to go so I would just be able to focus on sewing for the week.  I decided to start with a rather simple project ... a pair of very basic shorts.


I have a serious problem finishing outfits.  I usually make one piece and there it sits for weeks or sometimes months before I finally get around to making something to go with it or she just outgrows the original piece I made. That being said, I made Mae a top a few weeks ago (I'll have a post about it next week) ... this one:

I knew Mae needed some bottoms, and since I am easily distracted, I tried to keep the shorts very simple so I could finish them quickly.  I designed the pattern myself so I could be sure that it would fit properly over Mae's cloth diaper.  It is just a single pattern piece with a waistband and cuffs added.  I knew the waistband wouldn't show when worn with the tunic length top, so I just added a basic elastic waistband like what is found on most pajama pants.  I gathered the legs slightly and attached them to the cuffs.  A little bit of topstiching and two green buttons I once found on clearance at Joanns gave the shorts a simple finished look.

I had to pair the shorts with tights today, since it's not exactly warm yet in Michigan :)  Thankfully, the snow is all gone!  Here's a look at the whole outfit.


Mae didn't really want her picture taken today, but I thought this still turned out pretty cute!  Notice, the chapstick is in evidence again, although the stick is almost gone.  Maybe because this is what she likes to do with it.  I don't think she realizes that it's supposed to go on her lips :)

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