Tuesday, August 18, 2015

jennuine designs moto jacket blog tour

I love moto jackets!  I really, really (did I mention really?!?) want one for myself, but as usual, Mae is getting one instead ;)  This is the Moto Jacket Pattern from Jennuine Designs.  If you don't already own a copy of the pattern, you can get it from Jenn's shop this week for 25% off with the code MotoTour!  Also, if you head over to A Jennuine Life, there are several giveaways this week!

Although this isn't an official review of the pattern, I just have to say that overall it is a wonderful pattern!  The directions are excellent even for the more complicated components such as the welt pockets and the zipper.  Jenn walks you through the construction step by step just in case you aren't comfortable with any of the techniques.  And the finished product is adorable and right on trend!

I really don't like indoor pictures, but sometimes (actually quite often!) I just have to make do.  It was cloudy yesterday which is perfect for outdoor pictures, but unfortunately it was 90 degrees, which isn't so perfect when you are wearing a lined sweatshirt ;)  And since we just got back from vacation this weekend (if you can call traveling anywhere with six kids a vacation!) and I'm feeling particularly lazy and unproductive at the moment (and just spent a full day in a car with all the kids) I didn't exactly feel like finding an alternate location for pictures.  So I put Mae in front of a wall in my bedroom that has a window nearby and called it good, bad lighting and all!

I sewed the size four hoping that Mae can wear it for two years, but it fits pretty well right now, so I doubt it will last for more than a year :(  I think it runs true to the size chart in the pattern, but it's intended to be a skinny sleeve, so when I lined it, it came out a little smaller than I wanted.  Fortunately the fabric I used is nice and stretchy so at least it's not uncomfortable or anything! 

Mae absolutely loves the pockets in her Moto Jacket!  I adore the welt pockets in the pattern, but I don't love making welt pockets from a knit, so I borrowed the pocket shape from another pattern I own and made a kangaroo pocket instead.

I also made a few other changes to the pattern.  I fully lined the sleeves rather than just the bodice.  In Michigan, if it's cold enough to need a lined sweatshirt, then it's cold enough to need lined sleeves as well.  And probably hat and gloves too, but I'll save those for another day :)

The most obvious change is the addition of the peplum skirt.  Because, again, if it's cold enough for anything lined, then it's cold enough for your butt to freeze too ;)  Plus it adds a little more of a girly touch!  Since I decided to add the peplum, I omitted the bottom facings on the bodice lining.  I did keep the front facings and created facings for the peplum too so everything would match on the inside.

Pandas - 95/5 cotton/lycra from Jumping June Textiles on Facebook
Pink stripe - 95/5 cotton/lycra from Jumping June Textiles on Facebook
Solid pink - 95/5 cotton/lycra from Jumping June Textiles on Facebook
Black ribbing - 95/5 cotton rib from Ottobre Designs

Be sure to check out the other bloggers on the tour!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

eymm anniversary blog tour

Join EYMM and 24 fellow bloggers as we celebrate the first 24 months of our pattern shop with a huge sale and giveaway!  We will be featuring 8 different patterns for women and girls, as well as having a Manic Monday sale and a huge site-wide sale.  There is also a great giveaway at the bottom of this post. Don't wait because you don't see sales like this often from EYMM and it will be over before you know it!

*NOTE* The links below won't show the tour posts until 11am PST on their day of the tour, BUT you are welcome to click through and check their blogs out at any time.









Disclaimer - I did receive this pattern is exchange for participating in the blog tour.  I do not consider this to be an official review of the patterns because I don't think people (including me!) can actually give an unbiased review of something that they received for free.

I have never sewn an EYMM pattern before, and I have to say that I love the no trim method of assembling the pattern!  It only took a couple of minutes to print, tape together and cut.  I actually put my chicken on the grill and had my pattern ready to sew before I had to go outside and flip the chicken :)  The first pattern I made is the Carlie's Dolman Top in a size 3/4 with a modified neckline since Mae has fairly narrow shoulders.

Mae calls this her spaceship shirt :)  She doesn't really seem to care about the different between a spaceship and a UFO, although I don't really blame her since they're both ships that fly in outer space!

I couldn't really tell you why I decided to put a UFO on her shirt, other than I was bored at that particular moment and it looked like fun!  And sometimes I just like to sew something different than my usual fare for no better reason than it's different. Quite often I look at it when I'm done and wonder why I bothered ;)  But that is the beauty of kids clothes - you can get away with different, and they outgrow it pretty quickly if it's really that bad!

The second pattern I made is the Four Seasons Cardigan & Duster.  Although it no longer resembles either a cardigan or a duster :)  I started with the size 4T, and then made a whole bunch of modifications to turn it into a wrap style pool coverup.  It's pictured here as a sweatshirt since it was getting late and we weren't going swimming at the time, but you'll have to take my word for it that it's cute as a pool coverup as well!

I absolutely love this stripe fabric from Jumping June Textiles!  It's a European import lightweight sweatshirt knit.  It reminds me of a toweling material, just with a whole lot more stretch.  It's also super soft and washes beautifully!  I can't to sew with a few of the other prints that I bought :)

I had to include this last picture because Mae rarely looks at the camera and smiles at the same time.  Plus her hair is brushed which is more of a challenge that one might have imagined.  It's nice to finally have a picture of her that I can send to the Grandparents!  Although I'll probably remove the blog link first ;)

Star Print - 95/5 Cotton/Lycra knit from Jumping June Textiles on Facebook
Aqua Stripe - Lightweight sweatshit knit from Jumping June Textiles on Facebook
Solids - 1x1 cotton elastine rib knit from Ottobre Design on Etsy
Denim Skirt - Old Navy

Not only is there an AMAZING blog tour going on but 1 lucky winner that leaves a comment below between now and 8.3.15 will win a FREE EYMM pattern of their choice!!!!  Which one would you pick?

Then hop on over to EYMM to check out the awesome SALE, and an even bigger celebration giveaway with over $1000 in prizes.  There will be 40 winners in all.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

refashion month at house of estrela

I love a good refashion!  It's a great opportunity to use my creativity to make an old (and usually unwanted) item into something entirely fresh and new.  I enjoyed being part of Magda's Refashion Month last year (check out my t-shirt refashioning tutorial HERE) and loved sewing something new from something old again this year.  Can you guess which item from the (incredibly blurry!) picture I chose to refashion for the series this year?  Click over to House of Estrela to see if you are right :)

You should also take a look at the other bloggers that are participating in the series this year.  There are so many wonderful refashions to see!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

free pattern & tutorial - easy peasy baby pants

This pattern started when my girls wanted some knit pants for a few of their baby dolls so I drew up a pair of very basic baby pants.  They were so cute that I decided to go ahead and scale the pattern up to a size 24 months to make a few pairs of pajamas for Mae.  And since I took the time to scale the pattern I figured I might as well write up a tutorial to go along with the pattern!  Then, if I'm being honest, a year passed in which I did nothing with the pattern for some reason passing my understanding ;)  I've made a few more pairs since then (they make a great baby gift!) so I thought it was probably time (past time, really!) to share the pattern with you.

The picture above includes the original doll pair (newborn size) on the right and the first pair I made for Mae (24 months) on the left.  In the teeny sizes the legs are so short that it's pretty much just butt and then cuff ;)  But in the larger sizes the pattern has a narrow, semi-fitted leg.

Pattern - download HERE
Main fabric
     Newborn& 3 months - 3/8 yd
     6 months, 9 months & 12 months - 1/2 yd
     18 months & 24 months - 5/8 yd
Cuffs - less than 1/4 yd for all sizes
3/4" Elastic cut to the following measurements:
     Newborn - 15"
     3 Months - 15 3/4"
     6 Months - 16 1/2"
     9 Months - 17 1/4"
     12 Months - 18"
     18 Months - 18 3/4"
     24 Months - 19 1/2"

General Info:
  • This pattern is designed for knits with at least 30% stretch
  • Includes diaper ease in all sizes
  • When sewing knits use a stretch stitch and/or serge the seams to avoid breaking stitches 
  • The newborn size should fit most 18" dolls 
  • The sewing instructions are very basic , but there are tons of tutorials around for sewing with knits.  If you can't find what you need, email me (teri@climbingthewillow.com) and I will see if I can help :)
  • Tape the pattern together by trimming the edges and butting the grey lines against each other with the stars lined up and the letters matching.  The pattern layout is shown on page two of the pattern

Sewing Instructions:

1. Cut pattern pieces - 1 front, 1 back, 2 cuffs and elastic using the chart above.  Or you can cut the elastic 1" smaller than the baby's waist measurement.

2. Sew/Serge one side seam.  Press the seam toward the back.  Finish the top edge (optional) and sew second side seam.  Press the seam toward the back.

3. Fold the cuffs in half lengthwise with the wrong sides together and press.  Attach the cuffs to the bottom of each leg, stretching the cuff to fit.  Press the seams up toward the leg.

4. Place front and back inseams right sides together.  Sew/serge the inseam.

5. Fold the waistband down 1" and sew close to the raw edge with a stretch stitch.  Leave a 1-2" opening in the back to insert the elastic.

6. Insert the elastic through the opening.  Overlap the ends by 1" and sew together with a zigzag stitch.  Add a tag to the back (optional) and close the opening with a stretch stitch being careful not to catch the elastic while you sew.